Middleburg Library Expansion Project is Complete!

Grand Opening Ceremony Held on Saturday, September 7th 2013 – 9.30 a.m.

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Great News!  Our Grand Opening Ceremony was on Saturday, September 7th, 2013 at 9.30 a.m. at the library – the Saturday after Labor Day.

Over 150 people gathered to hear brief remarks from a variety of dignitaries:

  • Janet Clarke, Blue Ridge District Supervisor
  • Mark Miller, Chair, Loudoun County Library Board of Trustees
  • Betsy Davis, Mayor of Middleburg
  • Denis Cotter, President, Middleburg Library Advisory Board
  • Mike Morency, Owner’s Representative, Middleburg Library Advisory Board

The red ribbon was cut by three people: Charlie Plante, Member, Middleburg Library Advisory Board; Gabriella Miller, daughter of Mark Miller; and Denis Cotter.

The attendees enjoying touring the newly expanded facility and enjoyed social conversation, coffee, cookies, and mimosas.

Thank you so much to everyone who made this great expansion of our local public library happen!

- Denis Cotter

President, Middleburg Library Advisory Board


Denis Cotter, Mike Morency, Betsy Davis, Janet Clarke, and Mark Miller

Denis Cotter, Mike Morency, Betsy Davis, Janet Clarke, and Mark Miller

Crowds gather for grand opening ceremony

Crowds gather for grand opening ceremony

Patrons of various ages in the re-opened library

Patrons of various ages in the re-opened library

Library Director Chang Liu at the Grand Opening

Library Director Chang Liu at the Grand Opening

Branch Manager Sheila Whetzel, a patron, and former Library Trustees Chair Nancy Nuell

Branch Manager Sheila Whetzel, a patron, and former Library Trustees Chair Nancy Nuell

Young adults in the new bay window seat

Young adults in the new bay window seat


Remarks by Advisory Board President at Grand Opening Ceremony

Twenty-five years ago, the people of Middleburg persuaded Loudoun County government to build and operate a public library, here, on property leased from Middleburg Community Center.  A generation later, the people of Middleburg raised the money, designed and built, and turned over to the County a much-needed expansion to that public library.


It is twice the size and will serve the people better.  It is a great achievement.  Thank you, everyone, who made this day possible. 


  • Thanks, above all, to Our Cornerstone, Leadership, and Community Donors; Owner’s representative Mike Morency; Strategic planner Jeff Baldwin; Fund-raising consultant Tom Northrup; Webmaster Bill Ferster; All the Middleburg Library Advisory Board
  • Thank you,  Middleburg Community Center;  Middleburg Town Council; Loudoun County Public Library Board of Trustees;  Loudoun County Board of Supervisors
  • Thank you:  Library Director Chang Liu for all your support;  Our great staff: Sheila Whetzel, Tia Maggio, Tina Thomas, Lew Prillaman, Charlotte Giglio, Julie Schroedl;  Architects Bill Turnure and Tim Clites ; Interior designer Beth O’Quinn
  • Thank you to:  Jeff Thompson, Curly Bennett, all at Sully Construction;  Rich Luttrell and Gary Shook of Middleburg Bank; Our local media: Margaret Morton, Vicky Moon, Dan Morrow, Dee Dee Hubbard, Billie Van Pay
  • Thank you to the earlier champions for Middleburg Library, including: Tim Dimos, Tommy Dodson, Mary Joe Jackson , Don Musch,  Ann Northrup
  • Thank you to all whom I’ve accidentally forgotten.


All of us here are friends of the library, but it is still worth saying:  public libraries are an essential public service.  Our commitment to building this expansion is not an endorsement of privatization.  It is, however, a testament to the value we place on high-quality public facilities that are open to everyone, that everyone can use, that enlighten, entertain, and improve all persons who avail themselves of their many excellent resources. 


Public libraries anchor our communities; they bring us together. They are civilized places; they promote culture.  They support the job-seeker and the entrepreneur, the young and the old, the great, the small, and the in-between.  In many ways, they are an extension of the public education system.  Schools teach our children to travel on wings of words; libraries give them the places to fly.  Public libraries value the past, celebrate the present, and advance the future.  They help the soul exceed its circumstances.  They are what the Founding Fathers would have called “a blessing of liberty”.  Public libraries enable our communities to grow, and flourish, and endure.  We should continue to support and cherish them.


Thank you for coming to our grand opening ceremony.  Welcome to the expanded Middleburg Library – a branch of the Loudoun County Public Library.



A Little History – 2013


We broke ground on the construction on Thursday February 21st 2013, at 8.30 a.m. on a cold winter’s morning.   It was a wonderful occasion for the Middleburg Library Advisory Board and its supporters, marking the beginning of the very badly needed and long overdue expansion to the local Middleburg branch of the Loudoun County Public Library system.  There were more than 60 people present.  The event celebrated the official start of construction on a project to double the size of the existing Middleburg Library.

Middleburg Library Advisory Board Groundbreaking Ceremony

The current library was 23 years old and was just 2,100 square feet – the smallest public library in LoudounCounty.  Over the past couple of years, the Advisory Board – a non-profit, 501 (c) 3 organization – led a project to double the size of the library on the existing lot.

It was a $775,000 project and all of the money was raised privately from the community in donations and in multi-year pledges.  The final impetus which helped the project on its way was a substantial construction loan from Middleburg Bank, one of the project’s generous Cornerstone Donors.

All told, almost 300 people have contributed to the expansion project so far.  The Advisory Board appreciates every single donor, the Cornerstone Donors, the Leadership Donors, and the General Campaign Donors.   Everyone played a part and every single contribution counted.

We do have a loan from Middleburg Bank that we are in process of paying down.  We welcome any and all contributions to help pay down the loan, including early payment of multi-year pledges.  Thank you!  Our mailing address is: Middleburg Library Advisory Board,P.O. Box 1823,Middleburg,VA 20118.  All contributions are 100% tax-deductible, as the Middleburg Library Advisory Board is a 501 c (3) tax-exempt charitable organization, taxpayer ID# 541890734.

Why We Needed to Expand Middleburg Library

In this digital age, public libraries are more relevant than ever.  Built in 1990, Middleburg Library, a branch of the Loudoun County Public Library, was a much-used and much-loved facility across the region. Each year, it had: 40,000 individual visits; circulates 80,000 items; holds 150 programs for 3,000 attendees; provides 8,000 public Internet sessions on library computers; provides 4,000 Wi-Fi Internet hours for people who bring their own laptops.

The space to do all this was way too small to serve patrons properly.  The children’s section was tiny.  Teens had no space of their own.  Adults had a poor browsing experience.  There was no meeting room for programs or community groups.  There were not enough places to sit and use the library’s free Internet access.  Library staff did a heroic job in cramped spaces.

Since 2011, the Middleburg Library Advisory Board spearheaded a project to solve the space problem.  The Middleburg Community Center, Loudoun County, and the Town of Middleburg  all approved the plan.  We did the project ourselves, raising the $775,000 necessary to double the library and furnish it, hiring the architects and the general contractor, managing the construction.  Loudoun County supported our efforts but the project did not qualify for public funding – there were not enough people living here.  We had to do it ourselves.  With the help of our generous Cornerstone, Leadership, and Community Donors, we were able to do it!

The Middleburg Library Advisory Board, Inc. is a tax-exempt, 501 (c) 3 organization.


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